June 30, 2004
Domain Registration

I switched over to GoDaddy.com yesterday. Great price, one year term, and the transfer from DomainDiscover was painless -- so far.

I couldn't see paying DomainDiscover $25/year with a two year lockin to maintain a row in a database for me. At ~$8/year, GoDaddy seems like a steal, but you have to suffer through a small bit of marketing to get there.

On a related note, free secondary DNS from ZoneEdit.com has worked, as far as I can tell, just fine for the last year or so. Much more reliable than the GraniteCanyon folks were over the previous few years.

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June 28, 2004
Historical West Coast Charts

has a large collection of charts from roughly 1840 until the present. I was engrossed, checking out how harbors that I know well have changed or remained unchanged through the decades. The many shoals and rocks of 1840s San Francisco Bay are reduced to just their namesakes by the 1940s. Blossom, Harding, even Presidio Shoals are just names on the chart, or assigned to lateral marks. 1940s Newport Harbor and Catalina look like un-crowded idylls compared to their form by the 1960s. Itís also interesting to see that the south entrance to the then-new Marina Del Rey was shoaling up in the late 60s, just as it is today.

The file format is a bit annoying. It's a compressed multi-part TIFF-sorta-thing. Browsing on the web is fine, but you have to find a third-party app to print or view locally.

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